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We always pick up our clients at time, we go for them wherever and whenever they want.

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Airport transfers services 24 hours per day, all day’s week.

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Wellcome to Taxi Valencia Online

We are a company specialized in transporting people from one point to another. We try to make our clients feel comfortable giving them a human touch and absolutely personalized. Because of that, whether for a business trip, a holiday trip or whatever the reason is, we will cater to your needs.

Our target is providing the best quality in our services and get a full satisfaction from our clients. We are in continuous expansion and always trying to improve our services and our highly qualified staff.

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09 April 2019

New Open Website

We can already say that we have our new website open! We hope you like everything and if you have any suggestions or problems, please let us know. We are waiting for you to offer the best tax...
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Transfer Valencia airport

Valencia is a city with many places to visit. If you are going to travel to this great city, we can offer you a transfer service from Valencia airport to your hotel, and of course the day of your return home we will also be available to take you to the airport.

Making this reservation is very easy, you can do it through our website or by phone. You can also send us an email to [email protected] and ask us any questions you may have.

Comfort in the transfer by Valencia

Valencia airport transfer is available 24 hours a day, so you don't have to worry if your flight leaves in the early morning. Manises airport is only 10 minutes away from Valencia city centre. Forget about taking a bus and book with us, you will only have to worry about what you will visit first.

If you are hesitating between taking a bus, the metro or a taxi, don't hesitate, book with us and make a transfer from Valencia airport in total comfort and tranquillity.

Transfers and private transfers: Valencia airport transfer

We offer you all kinds of services related to the private transport of people at Valencia airport and throughout the province. We have what you are looking for, a tailor-made transport and we adapt to the demands and needs of our customers, with a personalized treatment. 

Without having to wait for other passengers to be dropped off at their destinations, Valencia airport transfer is fast and comfortable. We take you directly from the airport to wherever you ask us. Don't waste time and make the most of your holidays.

Why book your Valencia airport transfer with us?

Our priority is the quality that we offer to our customers. So you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind while we take care of your transfers.
  • Book your Valencia airport transfer
  • Punctuality
  • Group vehicles
  • Secure Payment
  • Experienced drivers
  • Invoices
  • Approved children's chairs

If you wish to make a reservation or make any queries, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Valencia Airport Transfer - Professional Transport Service

We offer you a transport service specialized in Valencia airport transfers to any point of the Spanish geography. We also offer you the possibility to be picked up from any airport in Spain to Valencia. We are professionals available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contract with us, we pick you up at the departure of your flight and we accompany you to your destination without you having to worry about anything, just enjoying a professional service.

You will have the guarantee that all our cars from 5 to 9 seats comply with current legislation, as well as all our drivers. You can be sure if you hire our services that you will be in the best possible hands. In addition to the guarantee in the prices that we offer, they are closed prices without surprises and the best relation quality price of the market.


We prepare the taxis in Valencia for your comfort

We have taxis prepared for wheelchairs, children or according to an extra number of luggage, you only have to communicate it at the time of your reservation if you need any element that may affect your transfer. This could be a wheelchair transfer or extra luggage (more than one 25kg suitcase and one hand luggage per person). Failure to report any anomaly such as those indicated here or others (surfboard, instruments, etc. ..) that could hinder their transport may result in an additional charge, to be paid immediately.


Advantages of ordering a Valencia airport transfer through our website

  • Immediate Reservation
  • Reduced Costs
  • Add additional routes to your visit
  • Maximum cleanliness in the vehicles
  • Unbeatable treatment
  • Safety on the road

Ask for your transfer in Taxi Valencia Online if you are coming from a cruise

Order your taxi in Valencia Online if you come on a cruise

Visit Valencia by cruise, do not worry about anything we pick you up at the port and transfer you to wherever you want, also we will take you back in time for the departure of your boat, without you having to be looking for other taxi services that can delay your arrival or give you endless tours of the city. With taxi valencia online you will have all the guarantees and professionalism so that all you do in Valencia is enjoy your visit.

You are a company and need a special service, continuous or with any variant, communicate it and we create a plan that suits your needs. With taxi valencia online you will find the perfect complement for your company and at very competitive prices.
Safety during transfers is an important issue that is not usually given the attention it requires until a complicated situation occurs. In several cities, fortunately most of them outside Spain, there have been several reports of crimes committed in unofficial taxis. These situations, as professionals in the sector who have all the necessary regulations to offer our transfer services in Valencia, affect us and that is why we bring you a series of tips and suggestions to recognize an official taxi and not fall into scams.


Tips when requesting a transfer Valencia airport

When requesting an airport transfer there are several things we need to know:

  • Avoiding unregistered vehicles.

This is the most important advice. Never get into a vehicle that offers to transport you and that does not have any number or official stamp. These "taxi drivers" who stand in front of you at the moment you need them most have not had a background check, one of the requirements for being a taxi driver, and are not officially licensed to transport passengers. They usually carry vehicles with logos on the sides of the vehicle that are permanent, either painted or with vinyl, which are not magnetic or movable.
  • Verify driver and vehicle credentials

Taxis that are officially registered in a city have a distinctive stamp that proves they are legal taxis. In addition, official drivers have a card with their photo containing the identification number.
  • Ask for documentation.

If you are not sure whether the taxi is official, you can ask the driver for information: about the taxi company, taxi driver's license, seal of the Valencian community. Any doubt that assures you that he is a proper taxi driver with the necessary controls up to date.
  • Have a companion.

It is always good to be accompanied on your taxi journey. However, if you are alone and need a taxi, we recommend that you contact a friend or relative to tell them that you are travelling in a taxi, the place where you were picked up, the type of car... All this information will be very useful in case of need.

The best way to avoid cheating is to request a taxi in advance from an official taxi company you trust on the phone or use the official applications to request taxis. By calling a taxi in advance you are asked for the name, phone number and pick-up location, so you leave a record and know that a taxi is coming exclusively to pick you up.

Remember that the vast majority of taxi drivers are professionals who love their job, are helpful and always try to help you get to your destination safely. We only recommend you to be cautious with imitators and questionable vehicles that do not convey safety. At Taxi Valencia Online we are always at your disposal for any trip.

Do you want to know Valencia in the most comfortable and quickest way by signing up for one of our TOURS?


We have totally customized routes for each client depending on your preferences and time you want to invest. We adapt completely to you, just tell us what you like and we prepare a CUSTOM TOUR, the most personal and professional service with Taxi Valencia Online. You are not going to miss anything that interests you. You will not regret it, and at the most competitive price.

We monitor all flights to detect delays. In case your flight is delayed, your reservation will be automatically updated with the new arrival time. However, we would appreciate it if you would inform us if you are aware of any delays in your flight that may affect your transfer. Delays due to immigration controls, customs, collection or loss of luggage. The driver will normally wait a maximum of 60 minutes after your flight has landed before informing us and calling the mobile phone you have provided. After this time, if there is no signal from the passenger, the driver will leave the airport. If you are delayed due to immigration, customs, baggage collection or loss, please contact your local representative at the phone number provided to you to ensure that your driver is waiting for you.
We will take you anywhere, just tell us where you want to go, no matter where or when we adjust the price and guarantee you punctuality and a comfortable trip on board of cars prepared with the best comfort and the most competent drivers.
Book in advance, book at the time you have planned your trip. This will guarantee our availability and accommodate your vehicle to your needs as best as possible. You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 48 days before your booking. If the cancellation occurs only within 24 hours we will refund 50%. If the cancellation occurs within the last 24 hours we will not refund your money, but we will provide you with a 40% discount on your next booking. If you simply don't show up for the pick-up without notice no refund will be made.

Modification of the reservation, your reservation can be modified through the reservation e-mail without any cost beyond the modification of the conditions of the trip in which case you will have to pay previously for the modification to take effect.
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